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Are you looking to subcontract Structural engineer jobs?

Hello, is it a subcontractor you’re looking for? 

In times gone by, expanding your construction/trade business meant taking on more projects and the staff to execute.

As you know hiring more staff for a particular project introduces risk. Many businesses have experienced financial calamity because they grew too quickly or a big payment didn’t come in. In short, cashflow can become tough very quickly as your team rapidly grows.

Some businesses try to overcome this by aligning themselves to a temporary recruiter, praying that the individual that turned up knew how to do their thing. Not to mention the tasty additional few £s per hour due for each temp hire.

But we’ve all seen what happens: the temp staffer doesn’t turn up or isn’t as good as he claims and that project goes from being your diamond delivery to being a headache.

You lose your cool.

It get’s more stressful.

You feel like no one has your back.

You think: why didn’t I just look for a subcontractor? And save myself all the bother.

Well, that’s why we developed WORKSM8.

No more heavy recruitment fees. No having to headhunt for new members of staff. No more hiring staff just for a big project.

Here at WORKSM8 we let construction businesses connect with subcontractors on an unlimited basis.

Simply post a works request on and appropriate subcontractors are alerted who can get in touch directly.

Using WORKSM8’s unique review system, you can check out a company or contractor’s track record.

Not only this, but when things are quieter, you can use to discover more opportunities.

And one last benefit.

(I bet you thought it sounded good enough already.)

WORKSM8 have construction suppliers, like wholesalers, who offer real discounts to our members. Helping you to save thousands of pounds each month.

So don’t delay, sign-up up to WORKSM8 to help with your next project or for new opportunities.

Are you looking to subcontract Structural engineer jobs?