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WORKSM8 is a community of rated, reliable trade businesses and tradespeople who use one another when they need subbies.

It’s a great way to find more business.

It’s a straightforward way to find help, when you need it.

Grow with WORKSM8, avoid expensive recruitment agencies, and even receive top trade discounts.


Are you a self-employed tradesperson? Looking for opportunities and love a discount?

How does it work?

It's easy as 1-2-3 for WORKSM8 Members.

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WORKSM8 alerts all tradespeople with relevant skills

Available tradespeople are introduced to your project and discussions begin.

Need labour assistance?

Want new business?

Want cashflow saving discounts?

Your One-Stop PLATFORM for subcontracting in construction

WORKSM8 is B2B done right. It's your one stop shop to find tradespeople that you can rely on.

Take on bigger projects, mitigate delivery issues and receive wholesaler discounts that help with your cash flow.

Find subcontrators, find new opportunities

Scalable Growth

Utilise WORKSM8 to grow your business in a scalable manner.

Unlimited Potential

We don't currently limit the number of work posts, letting your business grow with minimal costs.

Serious Discounts

We are continually working with vetted suppliers to offer real, cashflow improving discounts.

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Post Work - find tradespeople and businesses ready to help with your next project.

Find Opportunities - discover the latest opportunities for your sector.

Wow Discounts - we've worked hard, and will continue, on bringing together real discounts from trusted suppliers.

Be Alerted - whenever new opportunities are posted for your sector, we'll alert you via email.

Not convinced?

Don't just take our word for it! Find out how WORKSM8 helps construction businesses find subcontracting opportunities and resources.


"We're a new cleaning company based in Paisley. Since joining WORKSM8, we've seen a noticable uptick in our business. The jobs tend to be bigger and we love that it's all B2B leads."

- Chris, Jaco Cleaning

"We're using WORKSM8 to help facilitate our growth. We regularly require subcontractors to help us take on larger bodies of work."

- Steven Maclaren, Maclaren Power

"I'm using WORKSM8 to help find more business to business opportunities."

- Kenny MacCormack, KM Plumbing & Heating

"WORKSM8 is great for finding electrical work. I'm alerted to new opportunities and it's so easy to talk to contractors through the messaging system. Have saved a fair few £££ with WORKSM8's discount partners too!"

- Alan Chan, Electrician's Mate

Frequently Asked Questions

Why sign-up as a business?

WORKSM8 is a platform that brings in new business and helps businesses manage their labour requirements by connecting businesses with other businesses and self employed workers in the construction industry. Accountability is key with WORKSM8 and all businesses and self employed workers are rated based on the other businesses experience of them.

One of the main benefits of WORKSM8 is that it helps out when you're too busy ... and too quiet - You can source subcontractors or self employed workers to help during short term labour pinch points and on the flip side, if you're quiet you can pick up new work by subcontracting to other companies or receiving work from premium accounts.

So here's the 3 ways that WORKSM8 helps businesses:

1. Helps businesses in the same sector assist each other to deliver contracts by sub contracting out workers -  e.g  Electrical to electrical

Example: An electrical business may need an electrician for 4 weeks for an upcoming project, I would then post a message on WORKSM8 with the criteria (job location, duration and an outline of what type of work is required) that would notify other electrical contractors and self employed workers and I would connect with one or the other to assist me.

2. Helps businesses in different sectors assist each other to deliver contracts - e.g Builder to plumber

Example: If a builder is let down by a plumber, the builder will post a message on WORKSM8 targeting plumbers bringing new business to the plumber and solving the headache for the builder

3. Brings in new work from premium accounts - e.g letting agent to plumber/electrician/ plasterer

Example: We have companies like CR Smith, Priority Scotland (insurance claims), letting agents etc actively using WORKSM8 to source contractors and bring new business to our members. We are also speaking to the Council and Housing Associations to try get them using the site.

How does it work?

Simply sign-up to WORKSM8 and then you'll be able to post works requests. You'll be able to discover other works requests and provide quotes to the contractor.

Is there a minimum contract

There is a 30 day notice to terminate your agreement.

How many work posts can I make a month?

Currently, it's unlimited. 

Are the discounts worth it?

We have exclusive deals setup with wholesalers and suppliers that can reduce your project spend by up to £1000s.

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